Tom Cruise no longer wants to fall in love

04.14.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Tom Cruise no longer wants to fall in love
© Instagram / Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes is in a supposed relationship with Jamie Foxx. These two were photographed together several times, but we do not see Tom Cruise with his girlfriend.

Since Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes, the most famous Hollywood star has focused exclusively on her work. Tom Cruise has given us some serious militants, and in the coming years he will follow the same trend. However, fans are curious about who he is currently dating, and if he doesn’t meet with anyone, what’s the reason?

There was a time when Tom Cruise was considered the hottest actor in Hollywood. Over the years he has been associated with several actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. After his divorce from Holmes, Tom Cruise makes only casual acquaintances, and he is not seriously connected with anyone.

After a divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise is reportedly hesitant to fall in love again. A movie star even feels that everything will be alright with him if he remains alone for life.

Fans of Tom Cruise know that Sky Star has three failed marriages, and it is likely that he will never marry again.

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