Tom Cruise avoids daughter Suri and is also lonely

04.17.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Tom Cruise avoids daughter Suri and is also lonely
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Seven years ago, the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was as shocking as Angelina Jolly and Brad Pitt.

After the divorce, Katie Holmes continues to work as an actress, but has practically disappeared from the news of the press.

While Tom Cruise remains the subject of charm. Few people remember his three failed marriages.

More rumors are spreading about his devotion to Scientology and that Cruz has not seen his daughter Suri since 2013.

“After his heartbreaking, public break with Katy, Tom did not dare to live out loud or fall in love again,” says the source.

“Tom accidentally meets with women, but without extra eyes. He is always very secretive and he has no constant girlfriend, ”adds the informant.

"Tom prefers romantic women who have similar spiritual interests, which narrows the circle of choice."

Tom Cruise has vowed not to repeat the mistakes and is not going to get involved in an uncertain relationship.

“While Tom loves to fall in love, he is also happy to be alone and admitted that after three unsuccessful marriages he may never marry again,” the source said.

It seems that his religion cost him his family.

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