Tom Hardy publishes images of the Venom 2 set but then deletes them

11.19.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Tom Hardy publishes images of the Venom 2 set but then deletes them
© Instagram / Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy is already fully involved in the filming of Venom 2, although it seems he still can't say anything about it. According to CinemaBlend, the actor has published two images of the filming on his official Instagram account ... to delete them moments later. Although the secrecy of Venom does not reach the level of the great Marvel productions, it is clear that Sony is keeping the secrets of one of its great releases of the next years locked and does not let the team members start publishing details.

Despite this, thanks to this medium we have the screenshots of the publications. In the first picture we see Hardy in what the makeup room looks like. The description confirms that it is the first day of recording, although the message is somewhat encrypted: "W3'R'V3N0M2 day one", which translates as 'We are Venom 2. Day one'.

Although this image has had to be deleted shortly after being published, Hardy has shared another moment on the recording set that will excite fans - and this one, for the moment, continues to be published. In the picture appears a puppy called Blue that has its own identification to be able to go to production. As you will remember from the first movie, there is a fun scene in which a dog that carries the symbiote ends up passing Venom to Anne (Michelle Williams). We do not know if this dog will have the same function or if it will only enter the shoot accompanying another person.

Despite deleted images and unidentified dogs, what is confirmed is that Venom 2 is already in full development. Recently, Hardy has published several illustrations that advance Carnage's presence in the sequel and begin to whet the appetite of followers. As confirmed in the original film, Woody Harrelson will play the Marvel supervillain, who lives in the serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Venom 2 will also feature the villain Shriek, for which there is still no confirmed actress. Frances Barrison adopts the alias of Shriek when she lives a great impact that causes certain skills to emerge.

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