Tom Holland will be a student of Mark Wahlberg

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Tom Holland will be a student of Mark Wahlberg
© Instagram / Tom Holland
For almost 10 years Hollywood has been wanting to throw the glove on a large-screen adaptation of 'Uncharted'. The videogame saga, starring Nathan Drake, is a sort of combination between Tomb Raider and the adventures of Indiana Jones, so everyone took it for granted that a movie based on their story was an obvious step to take, but the The project has been delayed and canceled for years, with names like Nathan Fillion or Chris Pratt.

Last 2016 everything was reactive when Shawn Levy was appointed as project director (he has directed films such as 'The Pink Panther', 'Night at the Museum' or a couple of chapters of 'Stranger Things') and, shortly after, he I announce the name of Tom Holland as the protagonist, but little else has been known, especially since the British actor is immersed in his movies with Marvel.

But, although we were not having much news, except that Shawn Levy has been replaced in the direction by Travis Knight ('Bumblebee'), it seems that the project is moving forward, and that Mark Wahlberg, according to Variety, is finalizing his signing for the movie. Recall that Wahlberg was already tied to the project a decade ago, when David O. Russell was going to be in charge of directing it. But in this new adaptation, Nathan Drake will be much younger, played by Tom Holland. And Mark Wahlberg plays Victor 'Sully' Sullivan, an American treasure hunter, fortune hunter and businessman, as well as friend, mentor and father figure of Drake.

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