Tristan Thompson wants to win back Khloe Kardashian

11.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Tristan Thompson wants to win back Khloe Kardashian
© Instagram / Tristan Thompson
Ms Khloe Kardashian shared through her Instagram stories the special gift that her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson sent her. The basketball player did not miss the opportunity to show how proud he feels of his daughter's mother True.

That is why he sent balloons as a congratulatory message after the launch of his new fragrance Diamonds Collection by Kourtney and Kim x Khloe.

The 35-year-old businesswoman boasted the present, a set of balloons that spell the name of her new perfume, Pink Diamond.

"Today was the launch of my pink diamond collection with KKW Fragrance and baby True and Tristan Thompson sent me these balloons, I really appreciate love and consideration," Khloe said in the clip.

The socialite also expressed how proud she feels about the way they are educating her little True: "I am really proud of the place of shared upbringing in which we are," Kardashian added, referring to her treatment with Thompson.

This gesture by Tristan, comes only two days after I leave a flirty comment on Instagram in a promotional photo that Kardashian shared for his new fragrance.

"My KKW pink diamond fragrance is launched this Friday, November 8," reads at the bottom of the photo, and his ex-partner did not miss the opportunity to interact with her through putting three emoticons: two hearts and a crown in the middle.

This is not the first time that the athlete reacts to a publication of the Kardashian clan member. Last September Khloe shared a sensual selfie where she appears peeking around the corner of the frame with the sun shining behind her. "Have the courage to explore every dream you sound," he wrote in the photo.

Of all the messages that the publication received was one that caught the attention, that of Thompson who commented: "The sun shines on a beautiful (diamond)".

The couple separated earlier this year after the news came out about Tristan's infidelity, who had kissed her sister's best friend Kylie Jenner: Jordyn Woods.

After the breakup, it has been speculated that Tristan wishes to conquer Kardashian again, since he has spared no expense with the gifts he gives.

Last September Who published that the Cleveland Cavaliers player gave Khloe a Porsche valued at $ 500,000. And in October he gave her a ring with a pink diamond.

In fact, in an episode of the reality Keeping up with the Kardashians, it is seen when Khloe tells his ex-son-in-law Scott Disick about the diamond that his daughter True's father gave him.

"It definitely looks like an engagement ring," Scott said, however, Khloe's response was blunt, "No, no."

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