Twitter launches promised official client for macOS

10.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Twitter launches promised official client for macOS
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The macOS platform always had large Twitter clients: Twitterrific, Tweetbot and Twitter for Mac, heiress of the great Tweetie they acquired. After this purchase, they launched an official client that never became so good, but acceptable, until they finally abandoned it and discontinued. However, there were expectations that one day, with the rumored Project Marzipan, the application was the cover of iOS to Mac OS, and it has been.

When Project Catalyst was finally officially presented at WWDC 2019, Twitter promised to launch the official client under this new type of application, and it can now be downloaded from the App Store. Of course, if you have not updated to mac OS Catalina you will not be able to use the new client, because although macOS 10.14 Mojave was already compatible with applications of this type of Apple, the company has only made the project compatible with third-party developments in this new version .

This first version of Twitter under the Project Catalyst will make those users who would like the landing of the official Twitter client happy at all costs, but nothing more. At the performance level it works well, and I at least feel it in this sense something better than a PWA or application based on Electron, which are the most typical today.

For basic use, the new Twitter for mac OS is fine. However, you drink too much of the already incomplete iPad app
The problem with the application is that, being a port of the iPad application, it really does not add the functionality we would like in macOS, for example when used in full screen. Yes, there are dedicated own buttons, such as creating a new tweet, but little else. I would expect to be able to add columns to the Tweetdeck, but the reality is that when filling the entire screen with its interface we only have a centered timeline with a lot of white space on the sides.

If we stretch the window, instead of a reduced view of the icons on the left side menu, we will gain a right column on the right side where we can search and read the trends for the user. On the left side, the icons will simply acquire the written names. And ** that's all that Twitter for macOS has for desktop app **.

Among details that have been taken care of is the dark mode, which can be activated from the 'Preferences' manually or synchronously with the system settings. For the rest, if we dive among its settings, we will observe that there are iOS functions that do not work when activated, as in the 'Browser' settings the function "Open in read mode", which does nothing about the news we open about the browser. This also happens with multimedia settings, where you can choose between cellular networks or Wi-Fi, when Macs only have Wi-Fi networks unlike iPhone and iPad.

In conclusion, it is a client with the same functions as those of mobile platforms, a fact that will make most users feel comfortable using it, but that at all explores the possibilities of a mature desktop platform. Maybe Project Catalyst is no more than that at the beginning, a way to have many useful applications in macOS, although with limited functionality.

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