Vanessa Hudgens was drunk from the past

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Vanessa Hudgens was drunk from the past
© Instagram / Vanessa Hudgens
'High School Musical' will always be remembered as one of the movies that marked our adolescence (ok, and 'Bad Girls' too). At the beginning of the year, from Disney they gave us the joy of our lives by revealing that it would be converted into a serial format. Well, the moment is very, very close because we are only two days before its premiere. ?At last! But not everything was going to be joy, because although it focused on the lives of the boys of the 'East High' institute, unfortunately characters like Sharpay or Gabriella did not appear. But not all is lost. Vanessa Hudgens has decided to become Gabriella Montez one last time and has starred in a momentazo that has made us relive our most 'teen' era.

The first part of 'High School Musical' premiered no less than 13 years ago, but surely you still remember all of his songs. One of the ones she played with Zac Efron (Troy Bolton), 'Breaking Free' is one of our absolute favorites (? And what about the couple they formed!). Well last night the actress went to a karaoke party with her friends, and ended up singing, but unfortunately, and although it would have been even more epic, she did it without Zac.

But the absence of his partner in both fiction and real life did not prevent him from giving everything on stage, and here is the proof. He has left it well documented on his Instagram account, to the delight of all his fans. "Here we have a really bad, aggressive and totally sober version of 'Breaking Free'. Yes, this has happened hahaha. My ears hurt, but it also makes me very funny hahaha. The 'oooh yeah ... My God", Vanessa commented.

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