Wanna One will again be a group or this fact remains in question

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Wanna One will again be a group or this fact remains in question
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In January, the successful band K-Pop Wanna One performed their last concert together as a band. Although they had been together for only about two years, that was enough to impress the lives of so many fans. Members of the group Wanna One peacefully dispersed and remained friends.

It's been several months since Wanna One fell apart and, of course, fans probably wondered what the members of Wanna One are doing now?

Kan Daniel was preparing to make his solo debut. The reason he hasn’t released solo music yet is that he was involved in litigation with his former label Entertainment, which prevented him from releasing any new music. Fortunately, he sued them and won, and on June 9th, Daniel told Instagram fans that he would soon be releasing solo music, this time at the new talent agency he created, Entertainment.

After the collapse of Wanna One, Park Ji Hung went on a solo tour of Asia. He debuted with O'Clock's solo album and single LOVE on March 26th.

Lee Dae-hwi supports the energy of a group of boys. He debuted in the AB6IX group on May 22 under the brand label New Music. They released their album EP B: COMPLETE, which includes their single Breathe.

Son Wu released his first solo song Heart Mark and a music video on June 11 as part of the 2019 Pepsi K-Pop Collab project. He will debut in drama At Eighteen on July 22.

In March, Pak Wu Jin collaborated with rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie in Look Back At It, which used both Korean and English lyrics.

In January, Lai Quan-ling began his acting debut in China in the drama The Little Thing, called First Love. Then in March, he and PENTAGON'S Wooseok debuted as the duo Wooseok x Kuanlin to release EP 9801 accompanied by the single I Star.

Yoon Ji-sung released his debut EP Aside in February, followed by the special album Dear Diary in April. Then he began his compulsory military service on May 14 and released the single Winter, Flower on May 20 as a gift to fans before his break.

After the collapse of Wanna One, Hwang Min-Hyun returned to his original band NU'EST. In April, he released his solo single, Universe, as a pre-release for the sixth EP NU'EST, Happily Ever After.

Bae Jin-young made his debut as a solo artist on April 26th with his single and music video for Hard to Say Goodbye. According to Swampy, Jin-Young will release a mini-album when he debuts with his new band CIX on July 23.

In February, Ha Son-Woon released his debut mini-album My Moment, as well as a music video for his single Bird, which received a great response from his girlfriend from BTS, Jimin.

Thus, all members of Wanna One are busy with their favorite activity, but this does not mean that fans do not expect them to be reunited.

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