Whitney Houston kept a secret romance with her best friend

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Whitney Houston kept a secret romance with her best friend
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Seven years ago the death of Whitney Houston, one of the most awarded musical artists of all time and whose life, marked by imbalances and her strong addiction to drugs, continues to fascinate the public and the media. There are many biographies, documentaries and testimonies that have delved into the career and existence of the artist, but this November a new contribution something different and very special is added to this material.

And it is that Robyn Crawford, the one who was an intimate friend, confidant and assistant of the interpreter, has decided to publish now memories called 'A song for you: My life with Whitney Houston', in which she honors her many years of close I link with Houston and that, before leaving the market (it does on November 16), they are causing sensation. Especially since its author confirms something about them that was speculated a long time: that Houston and she were more than friends and had a sexual relationship in the early 80's.

"I have reached a point where I feel the need to defend our friendship. And I felt the urgency of sharing with the woman behind this incredible talent": with these words Ms. Robyn Crawford has argued her decision to write this book , after having refused for decades to participate in other projects related to the life of the American.

In an advance of the work published by People, it comes to light for the first time as the two women met and in what terms their relationship was managed. It was at a summer camp in New Jersey, when the author was 19 years old and the singer was going to turn 17. Upon meeting her, Crawford remembers saying: "I'm going to protect you." The couple thus began a romance in which "we wanted to be together, and that meant exclusively us."

The affair would end in 1982, after the emerging star signed a contract with Clive Davis, of Arista. Robyn narrates that Houston handed her, by way of farewell, she a Bible. "She said we shouldn't take him to the physical anymore," recalls the author, "because it would make our path even more difficult. She said that if people found out about us, they would use it against us."

The Houston family also contributed to the end of the love story. "Whitney told me that her mother had said that it was not natural for two women to be so close," says Crawford, who says they never talked about "labels": "We simply lived our lives and I hoped she could go on like this. forever".

Although the sexual relationship ended, complicity and love always shaped the relationship between Crawford and Houston, who were friends until the death of the singer in 2012. "Whitney knows I loved her and I know she loved me. I really did. we were all for each other. "

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