Whitney Houston was truly in love with only one woman

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Whitney Houston was truly in love with only one woman
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Ms. Robyn Crawford was Whitney Houston's best friend. A childhood confidant who became her assistant and creative partner. They were also lovers.

For years, their romance has been the subject of rumors and speculation. Two recent films about the life of Houston, Whitney: Can I Be Me and Whitney, sanctioned by the family, reviewed the embers of their relationship, suggesting that more Crawford was the true love of Whitney's life.

Ms. Crawford always refused to comment on her life with Houston, appearing in those movies through archive images, but never agreed to an interview.

But now that everyone else has expressed their opinion, Crawford has decided to tell his story. "Why now?" She asks herself in the introduction of her new memory, A Song For You.

At last she has dared to confirm, for the first time, her romantic story with Whitney Houston, which began when they were teenagers and lasted two years.

«It wasn't just about sleeping together. We could trust each other with our secrets, our feelings and who we were. We were friends, we were lovers. We were all for each other. We do not fall in love. We just were. We had each other ».

It is now known that Whitney Houston broke the relationship right after signing his record deal, delivering a Bible to Crawford and telling him he fears the public scandal.

In the book, she frankly describes drug use and how she saw, helplessly, how her friend's habit was out of control to infinity.

When Ms. Crawford left the Houston team in 2000, the star was canceling shows and losing recording sessions. She suspected that her husband, Bobby Brown, had physically abused the singer and found burnt spoons in her kitchen.

Crawford's own story is not much happier: she is the daughter of a single mother, who left her husband after years of abuse; and lost two of his closest relatives to AIDS.

Crawford accompanied Houston around the world, working as his assistant and creative director.

And remember:

«In those early days, it seemed you had a lot of fun. We even had water gun fights in the halls of any hotel and explored the world together. The only thing about Whitney is that she was like a girl. She wanted to have fun as much as she could.

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