Will Smith is very worried about his health

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Will Smith is very worried about his health
© Instagram / Will Smith
The 50-year-old actor surprised on social networks by sharing a video where he undergoes a colonoscopy to raise awareness in his followers about prevention.

The actor Will Smith shared a video, on his YouTube account, where he appears undergoing a colonoscopy to raise awareness among all his followers so that after 50 years of age they will perform ─ yes or yes ─ this medical exam.

Precisely, the interpreter who gained international fame for starring in "The prince of rap" recorded the images of the moment true to his style: making many jokes while revealing vital data so that people become aware of the importance of prevention.

In the video you can see the whole process that Will Smith went through to undergo this medical test: how he prepared the night before the study and the occurrences that the actor made in the hospital, where he joked asking for vodka instead of water .

After the colonoscopy was performed, the interpreter shared the results of his medical examination and noted that he had been found a precancerous polyp in the cecum (part of the large intestine).

Given this news, Will Smith was evidently worried, but his doctor Ala Stanford told him that finding these types of polyps are very common and can be removed with an intervention.

In addition, he assured the actor that he can continue with his professional activities; However, you should be more careful with your diet and in your daily life.

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