Son Mother XXXTentacion won the trial

05.15.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Son Mother XXXTentacion won the trial
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Genesis Sanchez had a relationship with XXXtentacion before his death. Their relationship was secretive, although they lived together. Therefore, nothing was known about their couple.

Genesis Sanchez sued a petition to confirm that the newborn son XXXtentacion is really his. Sanchez gave birth to a boy at the beginning of this year seven months after the death of XXXtentacion.

In principle, no one claimed that XXXtentacion is not the father of Gekyume Onfroy. But Sanchez needed accurate evidence of paternity to prevent rumors.

XXXtentacion's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, tried to prevent Genesis Sanchez from obtaining her son's DNA sample. But the judge sided with Genesis Sanchez and gave permission to access the DNA of the late XXXtentacion.

After being approved by the judge, Sanchez demanded that the courts collect their son's DNA sample and DNA sample from medical expert XXXtentacion to establish, no doubt, that he is the legal and biological father.

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