Zendaya is no longer a small star in the Disney universe

09.22.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Zendaya is no longer a small star in the Disney universe
© Instagram / Zendaya
The "fashion week" of New York leaves a large bouquet of fashion images that make us dream of a magic that is difficult to transfer every day, a desire of the common of mortals but also live models, musicians, Singers and actresses.

Zendaya, the teenage protagonist of the series "Shake it Up!" Disney, has been one of the undisputed protagonists of this week by presenting his second collection with one of the undisputed representatives of American fashion, Tommy Hilfiger.

Despite the black hole that seems to be Disney for some of the artists that grow and develop between the backstage of their sets and their spotlights, Zendaya seems to have been saved from falling into hell, has managed to adapt and take the most appropriate roles to his age and has evolved as a woman and as an actress without leaving the margins.

The same did not happen to Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan who did not know how to adjust their fame on a daily basis and their new professional commitments, and how to break the archetype of "good" girls to adapt to an adult role.

With almost 62 million followers on his Instagram account, Zendaya's fame has not made him fly to uncontrolled paradises and continues to keep his head firm and goals clear.

The actress and singer has trained at the California Shakespeare Theater, in which her mother worked, in her day said that getting Michelle's role in "Spider-Man Coming.Home" was a "dream come true."

But for the 23-year-old singer and actress, it has not been the only dream that has already materialized. Her passion for the world of fashion has made her a designer and protagonist of a collection that she feels very satisfied in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Zendaya "is a celebration of the empowerment of fashion and individuality, of trust and diversity," said Hilfiger after the parade held at the iconic Apollo Theater, where the pulse of great music performances is still latent .

It is usual to see Zendaya in the first row of parades of leading firms. His passion for fashion shows that it is no accident that he is always right when choosing clothes to pose on the red carpet.

But he also has the help, since the age of thirteen, of one of the most required stylists by Hollywood stars, Law Roach, who on one occasion has stated that “you cannot say 'this is very Zendaya', because she does not have fear of anything ”, referring to the fact that it is not easy to rate his style.

If something is fond of the actress is the changes of hairstyle. Braids, collected afro, casual bows, curls or wavy hair, the transformation of your hair never goes unnoticed for your legion of followers.

Its excellent image and its success, a reflection of a strong and persevering personality, which conveys a positive message, makes it a reference in the world of fashion and beauty for many young people. The Lancôme firm has been able to perceive it and has made it an ambassador of its beauty and image of one of its "Idôle" fragrances.

Zendaya's latest success as an interpreter has burst overwhelmingly with the "Euphoria" series, stories and intense lives of a group of teenagers with anxiety and drug problems where the actress once again reveals her musical facet, in the chapter final with the song "All for us", by the composer of the series.

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